Tru-Turf are the leading manufacturer of golf greens rollers worldwide. Whilst their competition comes from much bigger companies, Tru-Turf's secret to success is a simple one;

A better product.

As well as needing a new website, they came to us to refresh the brand identity and give their marketing a new approach. We realised that getting bogged down in technical specifications of rolling widths and compression rates was old news. The market was already saturated with similar claims.

"20% more compression". "Overlapping rollers". "Improved steering". Blah blah blah.

In order to stand out from the competition you must tell a different story.

Once we learnt a little more about the history of Tru-Turf, the campaign direction became crystal clear.

The owner of Tru-Turf, Ray Dufty was the story.

This was the tale of one man's relentless pursuit of perfection. To craft the finest machines, regardless of profit margins. Never to scrimp on cheaper materials. To continually produce superior results on both the machines, and on the greens. A man whom, whilst the world sleeps, refines prototypes in his workshop through the wee hours. This is the reason his machines are the only greens rollers endorsed by the PGA Tour and why his machines are found on the best golf greens on Earth; St Andrews, Augusta, Pebble Beach... 

Tournament after tournament. Year after year.

We conceptualised, created and executed a targeted campaign combining photography, copywriting, design as well as creating a series of ad concepts and a fully responsive product based website.

Photography by: Fullframe Photographics

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