Identity 01

A bold identity with lots of impact and clean lines. The monochrome identity and a strong sans serif typeface give an impression of structure and quality with a flourish of gold to convey a very refined feel. The logo mark has a very luxury brand feel in the gold and would look stunning when applied to virtually any medium.


Identity 02

This design has an outpouring of class and sophistication. A monochrome colour palette with a pop of bronze make the brand feel luxurious and tie in well with the target market. The logo mark is a combination of the letter N and the infinity mark; eluding to craftsmanship and quality work that lasts a lifetime.

A secondary logo stamp was created as an alternate option when you can use a stamp or badge and interchange with the primary logo to give the identity a little more versatility. 


Identity 03

A more classical approach to the brand for this identity that would sit more alongside Vogue magazine. A classic and elegant serif type face and a minimalist approach to the identity allow the brand room to breathe and let the work speak for itself. The brand can switch between monochrome and the regal blue and gold effortlessly and the layout of articles using negaitve space would be very important for this brand to feel intelligent, well thought out and almost fashion-esque.