Frontier Networks


By 2020, there will be more Australians aged over 60 than under 20. That one startling statistic highlights the changing shift in Australia’s future landscape.

Technology liberates us. It empowers us. But for many seniors, technology frustrates, even isolates. Frontier Networks is changing all that, with something completely new. 

They have created an organisation solely to give seniors the power to unlock the connecting potential of communications technology. Providing effortless access to the wonders of the modern world, and putting them back at the centre of their families’ lives.

By creating a telecommunications network, specifically designed to improve the quality of life of our senior population by effortlessly connecting them with friends and family, Frontier Networks are at the forefront a booming (and relatively untapped) market.

Frontier Networks asked us to create a brand identity and website that communicated both the power and simplicity of their product to their target market; Retirement Village operators.

Working alongside a team of copywriters and web developers, we created a brand identity that was bold, vibrant and clear - mirroring the philosophy of the business.

Visit the website:

Frontier Networks - Branding Identity Mockup Vol11.jpg