With more than 15 years of unparalleled experience photographing the largest and most challenging mining, construction and infrastructure projects in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, brothers Ashley and Michael Roach started their own time-lapse focussed company, Blackbox.

We were asked to create a brand identity and a website that showcased Blackbox as the market leaders in the construction time-lapse photography sector.

We created a bold, yet structured identity plus a visually clean, responsive website that allows the quality of the time-lapse videos to speak for themselves. It was very important to balance the creative element of the photography with the high level regulations of OH&S that exists on these large construction sites. 

We crafted a very knowledgable tone for the brand voice, giving large companies peace of mind that Blackbox understand the high levels of safety certification required to operate in these high-risk environments:

"At Blackbox, we’re totally attuned to the procedures and pressures of major project sites, our expertise honed through years of working on major sites throughout Australasia.
JSA, JHA, PPE, SWMS, MSDS may seem like a jumble of letters but we have a detailed knowledge of OH&S regulations. You can be confident that our involvement will be incident-free, with no impact on site operations.
We’ve built our reputation on taking safety as seriously as our clients do".

Visit the website:

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